Telechronics (Ademar Days of opinion): movies, consoles and video games… and this is it!

A group of Researchers from 20th Century Fox produced a deep learning system able to predict who will watch a movie, based on their respective trailer.

As? Hundreds of trucks over the years have entered the system and cross-million movies audience records.

After, it fell to the artificial intelligence system to establish links between the visual elements of the trailers, such as lighting, the colors, as faces, and other elements, the respective performance of the films within a certain demographic group.

The trained model not only presented fairly accurate results of the audience for films released, how you managed to successfully predict new movies, about six to eight months of their debut in theaters.

Acretido that marketing campaigns can gain from this innovation.

on consoles, Nintendo makes news with the mark of 20 million consoles sold Switch.

The Japanese giant revealed, in its latest financial results, who sold 1.88 million units of its Switch console in the last quarter, until the day 30 June. This puts the total number of units sold in 19.67, which means that now, In August, It may have already surpassed the level of 20 million units sold.

Although the pace in the sale of consoles has decreased, the future is promising for Nintendo, since the end of the year games will be released as' Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 'and the two editions of' Pokémon: Let’s Go’, titles that are authentic assets to the final straight 2018 and that can help Nintendo to achieve meet the established goal: selling a total of 20 Nintendo Switch million by the end of March 2019.

who also presented new data on the market was Sony. In the most recent financial results of the brand stated that the number of PlayStation consoles 4 sent to stores is now over 82.2 million.

In the first three months of the current fiscal year, between 1 April and 30 June, Sony sent to stores around the world over 3.2 million consoles. Even so, this represents a decrease of 100 thousand units compared to the same period in the previous fiscal year.

However, and the positive side, Sony has revised upwards its forecast for the number of PlayStation consoles 4 to be sold in the current fiscal year which runs until 31 March next year. The estimate has grown to a total of 96 million units, over a million units compared to the previous forecast.

The financial results presented reveal that revenues increased to the equivalent of 3.617 billion and profits grew to 64 billion. The reason for this increase was also revealed, nothing more and nothing less of the higher sales, compared to the previous year.

Still on a Sony, They are already known now new data on the number of service subscribers PlayStation Plus.

The company revealed that, in the first quarter of fiscal year (April-June), there was a small decline in the number of signatures of this premium service. The decline was in the order of 300 thousand subscribers.

Now, last March Sony announced 34.2 PS Plus subscribers million, a value that now is the 33.9 million.

other data: this three months were sent to stores and sold more than 40.6 million video games, a period during which the digital versions represent 43% of selling games.

And speaking of videogames, a report by Gfk showed the best-selling games during the first half of the year in several countries in Europe.

There are three names that dominate the lists, namely, FIFA 18, God of War e Far Cry 5. Portugal is no exception and FIFA 18 da Electronic Arts e God of War da Sony, in that order, They are in first and second places of the best selling games in our country, during the first half of 2018.

Portugal is still clear example of the popularity of Grand Theft Auto 5, since we are the only country where the game of Rockstar is present, particularly with third place in the national list.

As for the other, Far Cry 5 It is first in 8 of 13 countries analyzed. The Ubisoft game appears in 11 lists and is only absent in the tables of Portugal and Spain.

FIFA 18 arises in 11 these countries, It is the best-selling 5 countries, demonstrating the popularity of EA Sports title.

Já God of War, by Sony, launched in April last, It is the only game available on the table of all 13 countries and the only game for a single platform to achieve a presence. The video game from Sony Santa Monica has not won any first, but it comes in second 11 countries.

We returned to cinema to give the highlight of the week from the movies now reaching the national rooms. In evidence "Mission: Impossible - Fallout ", film where reigns the gender action.

Christopher McQuarrie is the director of this new delivery of the saga Mission Impossible which returns to be protagonist Tom Cruise.

Em “Fallout” Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team (Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames) are combined with some known (Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan) a race against time, after an unsuccessful mission. Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby also join the fantastic cast of this movie.


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