Telechronics (Ademar Days of opinion: cyberthreats, wearables, Polaroid return and the future of video games.

39% Europeans not properly protect its cyber threats devices as hackers, malware or financial fraud, among others, according to the latest data from the study Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index.

Even so, The study reveals that 63% of Internet users in Europe are concerned about cyber threats such as phishing and malicious sites.

56% admit even be afraid that your data can be stolen and be asked to pay a ransom. 44% not like anyone having access to your data.

The study also shows that Kaspersky Lab 60% of European households recognize their concern about the children can access without control to inappropriate online content.

Sales of wearables remain high, in a market where the clocks still dominate, but clothes and headsets are growing trends.

IDC data show that wearables sales should continue to grow in the double digits up 2021, with watches and bracelets fitness to be largely responsible for this affirmative trend.

This year, the consultant estimates point to growth 16,6% yoy, but the pace will increase to 2021, reaching 229,5 million units sold and a growth rate made up to five years 17,2%.

IDC also anticipates that the clothes and headphones, albeit on a smaller volume, grow as trends.

The integration of connectivity to mobile networks in smartwatches is another trend that will boost the market.

Now we talk do relatório State of Mobile Device Performance and Health do Blancco Technology Group, for or second quarter 2017, which reveals significant data.

Immediately points out that an Android smartphone has double the chances of damage in relation to an iPhone.

According to this report, the iPhone showed a failure rate of only 12%, a low percentage compared to the 58% over the same period last year. Android already had a failure rate 25%.

And now, the nostalgic time of the week: Polaroid is back

There 10 years ago came the first iPhone, disappeared while an icon of his times, the camera of snapshots. A decade later the Polaroid back to see the light of day, It is recreated with the same function as a highlight.

The new Polaroid comes through the Impossible Project, the same company that tried to preserve the production of photographic film, when the machine is discontinued.

Named OneStep 2, costs 119, 99 euros and this week was available for pre-booking. Deliveries and sales and store start from 16 October.

As the predecessor, a OneStep 2 It has the leading role print photos at the moment. Rest, It has flash, timer and can be charged via USB.

Many are wondering what will be the future of video games.

Chris Evenden, vice presidente da Electronic Arts (SHE) for relations with investors, He says it will be like Netflix.

The tendency will be to transform access to video games in subscription services, as with the popular Netflix for movies and TV series, in other words, streaming games via the cloud.

The official says that EA is preparing an evolution of this position and its services, believing that it is the future of the industry.

Segundo Chris Evenden, in the future you will pay € 9.99 per month to play FIFA and will not have to buy a console 400 € to do. However, He says are still deciding how things will be done.

To finish, the movie suggestion.

Now comes to the rooms the film "Kingsman: The Golden Circle ", the second chapter of Eggsy in another action film, adventure and comedy.

Matthew Vaughn is the director and Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and Mark Strong are again cast, this time these heroes face a new challenge. When your base is destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of another spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating from the day in which they were founded. In this new adventure that tests the strength and intelligence of its agents to the limit, these two secret elite organizations will have to unite to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world. Something that starts to become a habit for Eggsy…

Worth a peek at the trailer:

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