accident: GNR Christmas operation recorded 15 dead, more than double last year

The final data compiled by GNR point to a total of 1360 accidents, 15 dead, 29 serious injuries and 449 injured passenger. One of the fatalities was registered in Almodovar, district of Beja.

Segundo a GNR, the operation this year, which lasted one more day than last year, It was most negative at all levels: more 313 road accidents, eight fatalities, five serious injuries and more 112 injured passenger.

One person died in 176 accidents registered by GNR on the last day of operation “Quiet Natal”, raising for 15 the total fatalities. One of the fatalities was recorded in the district of Beja, an accident that occurred in the area Porteirinhos, Almodôvar county and which killed one GNR military 27 year old.

According to the data recorded on Wednesday, the last day of operation “Quiet Natal”, there are three serious injuries and 44 minor injuries in accidents on the roads under the jurisdiction of GNR.

The district with more accidents recorded on the last day of the operation was the Port (29), followed by Lisbon (24), Faro and Aveiro (16), Braga (13), Viseu (11) and Coimbra and Leiria (11).

The fatality was recorded in an accident in the Faro district and three seriously injured in disasters in Lisbon, Viseu and Beja, accident in IC1, Haystacks in village, municipality of Ourique, two seriously injured.

O troço do IC 1, between the crossing Panoias and Santana da Serra, the distance 55 kilometers is known as the county “death row” (see featured in Part background).

The operation “Quiet Natal” took place between the 21 hours last Friday and 24 hours of Wednesday and, not complete, recorded 15 fatalities. This number is more than double the figure recorded in the GNR operation in 2017 (7 dead).

According to the data disclosed by Land Command Beja (CTBeja) da GNR, between 17 and 23 December in the district roads were registered 40 accidents, resulting in two dead, inm serious hurt and 19 minor injuries. There was the arrest of six people, five for driving without legal authorization and for driving under influence of alcohol.

That 278 offenses detected by the military of CTBeja, stand-: 29 relating to tachographs, 19 by missing or improper use of safety belts and / or restraint system for children, 11 for driving with alcohol rate in higher blood than allowed by law, 9 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 8 for lack of mandatory liability insurance, 4 for speeding and 3 by misuse of the mobile phone in the course of driving.

Data from the National Road Safety Authority (Mor), They show that between 1 January and 21 December 2018, district of Beja were registered 2.135 accidents, more 58 than last year, with 22 dead, more 2 than in the same period 2017.

Between 22 December 2017 and 21 December 2018, There registration of 23 dead, more 3 the same period in 2016 a 2017.

IC1- section of 55 Kms is "death row"

O troço do IC 1, linking Lisbon to the Algarve, between km 645, at the intersection of Panóias, and 700, Santana da Serra, which has in the village areas of Lobo Haystacks and Portela, the "darkest" track, It is defined by the firefighters and popular Ourique county, as the "death row".

With yesterday's accident (Wednesday), between 1 January and 26 of December, there have been 16 accidents, with 12 injured passenger, 14 graves and 1 dead, described by source of the fire as "happier numbers of registered last year".

In 2017, the claims numbers that section were much more serious, Having logged 21 accidents, which resulted 5 dead. As the wounded were Registry 30 injured, 18 considered mild, 8 graves and 4 assisted on site. In two of the accidents were 8 people who refused to be assisted.

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