Serpa: Young 26 manages years ago 7 years the site MeteoAlentejo.

Luis Master, a young serpense is known as the “meteorologist Alentejo”. Farmers and tourists are the site's audience MeteoAlentejo ". Live the drama of unemployment, but promotes a real public service.

Name: Luis Master, Age: 26 year old

Profession: Unemployed, Birth and Residence: Serpa

it was there 8 years came in Serpa project MeteoAlentejo, which led to the creation of the first regional network of weather stations. Luis Master, promoter was then 18 years and he was a young student on the verge of finishing the 12th grade in the area of ​​Science and Technology.

From 8 January 2011, the MeteoAlentejo has installed nine weather stations, two in Serpa, in the city center and Vocational School, Beja, Amareleja (Moura), MĂ©rtola, Moura, two in MarvĂŁo, one to 500 e a 800 meters and Mourao, of which the last three were paid by municipalities. Each station has a web-cam filming in direct and transmits to the site, making automatically, weather forecasts for three days.

"In addition to providing real-time information, through the site ( and facebook ( Presto a public service for free ", proudly says Luis Master, who lives a complicated moment as are unemployed.

It all started in 2007, when the love of meteorology led young serpense, empirically, taking notes in a notebook records the temperature, the rain amounts and other details. Using a common mercury thermometer for measuring human body temperature, Louis noted "my values" of solar heating in Serpa.

"How much data had thought I could be of interest to people and bought a semi-amateur station by 100 euros, making the site the weather forecasts for a week ", recalls the Alentejo in the beginning of the project 2011.

The first professional season came three years later, It costs about 800 euros and was purchased through a collective funding, the so-called "crowdfunding", a system to raise capital to finance initiatives of public interest, through social networks.

curious case happened when the MĂ©rtola station that broke. Got 50% through the "crowdfunding" and the remaining 50% They were "donated after unanimous approval, by the Association of Guadiana Valley Entrepreneurs ", shoots smiling.

In 2014 undertook training IPMA, for the creation of a National Body of Meteorological Observers Volunteers in Portugal, to report real-time events to the low range, but, "The idea never came to pass, the institute lost contact with ten and a half people ", justified. IPMA has three stations in the district: Beja, Amareleja and Wells Valley, location that unites the municipalities of Serpa and MĂ©rtola.

Luis Master has been hired by Serpa Chamber to study the winds in Pias and resolve the problem the smoke of the charcoal ovens that affected residents. During the Summer 2018, in Serpa pool was installed a screen to the temperatures of the moment. But the young serpense goes further and integrates BlitzOrg, a network of lightning equipment, which records up 4.000 kms, lightning storms and the direction that follow.

Although unemployment and provide all information free of charge, Luis Master did not give up and has the help of family and friends and "for this year is planned to extend the network of meteorological stations", ends.

Teixeira Correia


Note: The MeteoAlentejo site can also be followed in Lidador News.

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