Serpa: Incendiary, to register for the same crime, sentenced to effective jail.

An arsonist was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months of effective imprisonment for arson. Although it is a pity below 5 years the Collective of Judges, not suspended sentence. The individual had been convicted for the same crime.

Diamantino Reconciliation, of 58 year old, no resident upstream from Mina da Orada, Serpa county, He was convicted by a Collective Court of the Criminal Court of Beja, to an effective prison sentence 2 years and 3 months, by a forest fire crime, in the finished form.

Vítor Maneta, the presiding judge, also decided to "keep the accused to await the final judgment the decision on remand", situation in which it is provided 10 August 2018, when he was arrested by the Judicial Police.

At the hearing Diamantino Reconciliation, single and rural workers, He confessed in full and without reservation, the facts that he was accused alleging that "was with the glasses", situation that did not convince the judges.

The facts that led to the suspect's arrest occurred in 28 July 2018, when Valdemar decided to fire on the side of National Highway 258, towards Moura / Vidigueira, in place of Barranco da Amoreira, near Pias (Serpa).

The man shifted bike pedal Mine of Oratory and set the fire that spread to a property with 500 hectares, holm and cork oak. The fire consumed 0,1 hectares of pasture, the treetops and sticks of sealing property, causing a loss of 500 euros.

The individual already has a criminal record, having 12 December 2014, the defendant was convicted of a robbery of the crime 2 years and 1 month in prison and 8 May 2017, a 2 years of imprisonment for two forest fire crimes, both suspended. Compulsado the legal height, the individual would be sentenced to a term of 3 years and 8 months imprisonment suspended for the same period.

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