Serpa: Lighting in the pavilion Carlos Pinion, Bet authority on energy efficiency.

Serpa continues to invest in energy efficiency, with the lighting in the pavilion Carlos Pinion, a global investment 31.977,95 euros.

It is in the final stretch to replace the lighting in the pavilion Carlos Pinion, Serpa. The projectors halogen and metal iodide being replaced by LED lamps, both in the nave and in the gym.

The reduction in energy cost, the reduction of power consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated are the main objectives. It is anticipated that this replacement produces savings in the order of illumination 86,6 % in the gym and 72,6 % in the main nave.

This intervention is part of the municipal strategy for sustainable development and represents a total investment of 31.977,95 euros, having been applied for the Energy Efficiency Fund value 21.557,40 euros, which resulted in a contribution of € 16,801.92 of FEE.

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