Serpa: They came through the window and assaulted Agricultural Case.

The agency's Agricultural Cash Serpa was assaulted, Tuesday at dawn. Burglars tried to enter through the roof, but then they used a window and fled without anyone realizing.

The warning was given by 08.30 hours but the assault on the premises of the Agricultural Cash Serpa has occurred around the 03 hours, according to official source of the GNR.

According to information that could determine LN, burglars, whose number is still unknown, They entered through a window, after they entered through the roof and out through a window of the rear of the building, located on Avenida da Paz.

The alarms have been turned off, since they were not fired. Only when the agency's staff arrived in the morning they realized the robbery and gave warning to the authorities.

On site are the military Serpa GNR, the Criminal Investigation Unit of Moura and await the arrival of the PJ in Faro.

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