Serpa: Agricultural credit does not reveal theft of values ​​occurred yesterday. PJ "delegated" research in GNR.

There revealed the assaulted values ​​occurred yesterday morning in Serpa dependence on Agricultural Credit. Volvidas six hours on the alert to PJ did not show up, “for lack” researchers and “delegated” research in GNR.

More than six hours after the Faro PJ Board "delegated" the investigation of the assault on the agricultural credit dependence, Serpa, occurred in the early hours of yesterday in the military's Criminal Investigation Unit Detachment of Moura.

The fact was due to the second found Lidador News (LN), because "there were" operating crimes involving banks, "Available" to conduct the investigation.

LN know that money was taken, whose value Agricultural Credit Serpa would not reveal to the authorities and property individual workers who were on the desks that were totally upturned.

According to information from the Public Relations Office of the Territorial Command Beja (CTB), "the assault, perpetrated by an unspecified number of individuals, It has taken place around the 03,00 hours, after burglars if they entered the premises "of the bank.

Captain Joao Gaspar materialized that "the GNR became aware of the alleged theft when employees accessed the bank to start another day of work", justified.

nonlocal, LN was found that for an existing window in the rear of the building that burglars entered and left the building, after entering the roof, but the fact that a concrete plate prevented this attempt to access the space.

The rear of the building is on the side of the Municipal Library, a lane concealed by the existing drive and a grove in some area crowded that time of night. At the top of the outer, aimed at the main door and the ATM, There is a camera that may have captured the number of individuals who entered the bank.

When employees entered through a side door, They gave to the whole space upturned, failing need instant what had been stolen. Only after 15,30 hours, when said PJ "had no means to displace", It is that employees accompanied the GNR entered the premises to realize what was stolen and they started the inquiries and collecting evidence.

Information Captain John Gaspar was confirmed to LN by a merchant, who asked not to be identified, whose property is in the Avenue of Peace, where is the bank. "I went to 07,45 hours and there was nothing strange in front of the premises. The ATM was intact. Only around 08,30 hours did you start to get to GNR. Employees were sent out, nothing tinker ", justified.

Agricultural Credit Serpa, no reactions on the occurrence.

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