Serpa: City Council concerned with lack of family doctor in Pias

The Serpa City Council is concerned about the non-replacement of the family doctor at the Health Center of Pias. They are 1447 users who, since May, lack access to basic health care.

Once the Chamber is aware of the situation he sent a letter to the Board of Directors of Local Health Unit of the Lower Alentejo (ULSBA), requesting clarification with urgent character, but so far there was no answer.

The Chamber was informed by the parish of Pias, on 13 June, a craft realizing that there was no family doctor, following the medical retirement accompanying 1 447 patients.

To which the municipality found, this was not replaced medical, so users are without family doctor, without medical consultation and without their exams already made to be seen by a professional. There are even confirmation that pregnant sinks will not be accompanied in the locality.

The municipality sent, on 19 June, to a letter to the Board of Directors of ULSBA, asking for clarification, which had not yet answer.

Already in June, in the municipal bulletin "Serpa Information", It was reported concern about the considerable reduction of health professionals in Serpa and district. The situation now takes greater proportions due to the retirement of a medical, but the problem has worsened, in a general way to decrease the number of employees, and in particular by the lack of investment in the National Health Service (SNS).

The policy pursued by successive governments have promoted private entities at the expense of the NHS, example was the passage of the Hospital SĂŁo Paulo, Serpa, for private, situation to which the population has not been blind, with the completion of several disapproval of demonstrations organized by the committee of health users and public services, supported by the municipality.

Although not within its competence, the City Council has been working to find solutions to bring medical care to areas of lower population density and difficult access. An example of this effort is to provide access for service users in Dead Valleys, Santa Iria and A-do-Pinto and also the maintenance work on Sinks and Serpa. And now, requiring the ULSBA clarification Health Center Situation Sinks.

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