Salvada / Beja: Today begins trial of schoolteacher child abuser.

schoolteacher School of Salvada / Beja, accused of 534 crimes of sexual abuse of minors, begins today at 14,30 hours to be tried in Court of Beja.

José Jerónimo, of 48 years, 1st cycle teacher in the School of EB1 Salvada, county Beja, trial opens on Monday before the Court of Beja, He is charged with 534 crimes of sexual abuse of children, a juvenile pornography crime and a crime of mistreatment, committed in the persons of five smaller her students, aged 9 and 12 year old.

According to the indictment, in order to avoid eye contact with the sexual predator, children were heard, for future memory, whose testimony will be heard in the sessions of the trial, to be held in camera.

The individual was in charge of about ten and a half of children, between girls and boys, and since September 2015, that took advantage of its function, to call the girls to join them, and within the establishment during classes or during breaks in the staff room or living room of photocopies, where undressed and then stroked the genitals and kissed.

After abusing girls, Jerónimo José warned not to tell the same to others what had happened, under penalty of being punished. The students afraid, They kept silent.

The denunciation of the facts was made in the post of GNR Salvada, one week before arrest of sexual predator, occurred to 22 November 2017, the mother of one of the girls, that in the face of the abuses suffered a laceration, having need of medical treatment. A Girls 9 year old, José Jerónimo, attacked to, having dealt him several blows and hitting her head on the slate board.

The case was referred by the Territorial Command Beja GNR the MP and the facts communicated to PJ, requesting a hearing with the "urgency", that in less than a week scrutinized the teacher behavior, proceeding to his arrest.

Made a search at his residence, in the village of Mombeja, also in Beja county, about what 20 kilometers from where teaching, It was seized some computers, where after an expertise by PJ, They were discovered several smaller porn files.

They contain real images, photographs of children, younger than 12 year old, displaying the vagina, the anus and breasts, many taken from the students in the classroom.

José Jerónimo, who is in custody in Prison Beja, in municipal elections in 1 October 2017, He was a candidate for treasurer in the Parish Union of the locality where you live, nas do lists Socialist Party.


The girl, 9 year old: 87 (eighty-seven) crimes of sexual abuse of children.

girl B, 9 year old: 3 (three) crimes of sexual abuse of children.

girl C: 9 year old: 375 (three hundred seventy-five) crimes of sexual abuse of children.

girl D, 12 year old: 69 (sixty nine) crimes of sexual abuse of children, in the person of another smaller.

girl And, 9 year old: 1 (a) minor crime and pornography 1 (a) crime of abuse.

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