PSD: Social Democrats want to curb “wild caravanning” in Costa Vicentina.

The Social Democratic Party PSD intends to revise the legal framework to protect the Costa Vicentina and Southwest Alentejo from “wild motorhome”.

The PSD wants to know if the Government will review the legal framework to protect certain regions most sought after for the practice of motorhome.

Dai checked in on Wednesday, with a question divided into three points, addressed to the Secretary of State for Tourism, where PSD deputies warn of the “wild motorhome” that “proliferates across the country, more expressively in the Costa Vicentina and Sudoeste Alentejano ”.

“There is a multiplication of mobile homes, often not following rules of civility, violating spaces of great environmental fragility, polluting beaches and cliffs, in a penalizing disorder for the country, more strongly in the Vicentine Coast and Southwest Alentejo. Appropriate measures need to be taken, either from the point of view of the revision of the legislation and of the payment in the act of infractions, strengthening enforcement, in the increase of signaling, in order to protect the landscape interest, tourist and ecological ”, link.

“It will review the regime for administrative offenses? Will order inspection actions?", interrogates the PSD.

MPs highlight tourism's contribution to the “Portuguese economy in terms of revenue, but also job creation ”. “The country does not need, let alone wish, a tourism that violates its natural heritage and constituted itself as a gallery of horrors, like the ones that local people often have to witness, what was aggravated in this period of covid-19 and that cannot be perpetuated ”, refer.

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