Civil protection: Armed forces reinforce vigilance against fires this weekend.

The Armed Forces General Staff, strengthening the surveillance patrols to fire. Teams RI1, Beja, will be on the ground, while the air base No. 11 provide logistical support.

Patrols of the Armed Forces, in total 84 Military, 60 Army and 24 Navy, They will strengthen surveillance fire between this Friday and next Monday, due to rising temperatures prediction, announced the General Staff.

The military, distributed 21 patrols, They will go seven districts of mainland Portugal, in actions to support the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC).

“This increase follows on from ANEPC the support request to the Armed Forces General Staff, in order to increase prevention efforts all over the country, with a focus on Beja districts, Bragança, Évora, Lighthouse, Watch, Portalegre and Setúbal”, said the General Staff said in a statement.

At this stage, the armed forces personnel will be engaged in ground surveillance operations and, in case of need, may enter post aftermath actions, or general support for protection and relief operations.

The airbase No. 11 Air Force, in Beja, It will also provide logistical support during this period to “host two medium amphibious aircraft FIRE BOSS”, belonging to the Special Device to Combat Rural Fires, adds in the document.

The Armed Forces General Staff also indicated that, through liaison officers to the District Command Relief Operations, keeps “monitoring continuously” the evolution of the operational status.

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