Portel: sheep trampling reveals labor exploitation.

The trampling of a sheep, revealed that a shepherd, Portuguese nationality, 64 year old, I was the victim of a human trafficking crime, and labor exploitation target.

The case occurred on Tuesday near Portel, following the trampling of a sheep, were called the military GNR territorial Desk that town and following the car driver's identification and any pet owner.

The military found that the last of the individuals was pastor, working on a farm, did not have any identification, which according to the man "was retained by the employer".

The proceedings of the military have revealed that the pastor was the victim of labor exploitation, He lived in a house provided by the boss, without any habitability. The victim assured the authorities that "there was receiving due" and that sporadically "received canned food and wine".

The victim was taken to the post of Portel, provided a meal and then transported to a host institution, located outside the region, where you receive treatment.

The owner of the farm, a Portuguese citizen, It was identified, and because it is a public crime, the matter was referred to the public prosecutor, We will investigate the case.

Teixeira Correia


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