Ovibeja: André Ventura advocates the creation of National Cohesion Plan.

“It is necessary to create a National Cohesion Plan, to solve the problem of seasonality”, André Ventura defended today in visit to Ovibeja.

André Ventura, the list of head of the Coalition Just / Enough to European Elections, We visited on Saturday morning to Ovibeja with the main objective "to know the local problems and have the prospect of emigration and immigration that affects this area", He told reporters after a first contact with some of the institutions in the region.

For the leader of the coalition, He argued that "makes lack a National Cohesion Plan", that allows assign tools to local communities "create jobs and access to infrastructure that can leverage the region. Without it will be very difficult to solve the problem of seasonality ", justified.

Ventura argued that to "to have an agriculture, and modern social, there must be punishment fraud ", referring to the service providers that provide the hand labor and then, They do not pay social security and tax authorities, explaining that "if we want an agriculture and rural seriously, we have to have incentives, but also heavy hand seriously ", concluded.

When asked if it is easier Benfica be champion or be elected to Parliament, André Ventura dropped with laughter and blurted: "This question is difficult, how will I respond to that?". thus I snapped Although "trust the judgment of the Portuguese people and Bruno Lage ability to lead Benfica to be champions", finished.

The commentator and member of the Sport Lisboa e Benfica, was greeted by Benfica and visited the stand that Benfica House in Beja in Ovibeja, which sells merchandising material of the Incarnate club.

Teixeira Correia


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