Ourique: Santa House and Provider contest application for deceased family.

The Santa Casa da Misericordia Ourique and the Ombudsman contesting the request for reversion of property Family Castro Nunes, assigned to the institution by a deceased family.

The Santa Casa da Misericordia de Ourique (SCMO) and provider, José Raul dos Santos contest through Porto lawyer, Antonio Machado Montalban, the request for reversal of mixed and urban buildings and bank accounts, moved by the family of Carlos Castro Nunes, died while in the home of that institution.

Through a Civil process that runs under the Beja Center Court, that apart from the SCMA and the provider is also accused the lawyer of the institution, Man family who died in 23 February 2017, want to see canceled a grant contract of the goods in favor of the SCMO and that it be ordered to return half of two mixed buildings and an urban building, parties that owned and two bank accounts, no value 346.444,96 euros.

As the Lidador News(LN) released in December last year, Petition in the Castro and Carlos Nunes family maintains that "did not sign the said donation contract and the appropriate authentication term", adding that it "is fraudulent, because the lines and signatures of documents, so someone match your signature ", justify.

in its defense, former Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs of the government of Pedro Santana Lopes, Start by ensuring that the action '' is doomed to complete failure. Holding that it "is an outrage" that runs through the whole society, from Holy House, the Provider, the memory of the deceased and even "the very people of Ourique", justified.

The lawyer maintains that "it is insulting" to the Holy House that the plaintiffs say that "the contract was usurious", arguing that even if that happened, "The right to plead nullity expired", concluded.

Montalban Machado argues in the document that the donations were "worthy destinations", having the SCMO finalized works in the new nursery and kindergarten, childhood institution, "To which he gave the name of the deceased Carlos Castro Nunes", praising the provider, on the grounds that the action "hurts, an exemplary person ", fetching the example of the medal awarded by the Union of Mercies and "delivered" by the President.

To finish, the barrister and former deputy of the National Assembly uses the word, shame, so fashionable in the house, to justify the action: "It's a shame for those who face, but also to those who brought. The reasons for shame is that they are different ", Machado holds Montalvão.

It is recalled that on this issue, Section of Ourique Attorney Surveys runs under a criminal case that began in 2017.

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