Ourique: owner “Marinel” It will be tried for six crimes.

Owner of "Marinel" earned over 1,1 million with prostitution, according to the order of charge of the prosecution of Ourique. In June 2019 GNR closed the "switch room" and stopped "Manolo".

Public Ministry (MP) Ourique required loss to the State, heritage, translated into bank accounts and movable and immovable property of the owner of "Residential Marinel", rated in 1.144.877,31 euros, By considering the same inconsistent with the legitimate income of the accused.

Among the seized property are, 606.489,05 EUR five bank accounts, seven cars and four rural and urban properties, one of which in São Bartolomeu de Messines (Silves), which was to build a set of nine apartments, evaluated works 700.000 euros. They were also seized weapons, mobile phones, computers and miscellaneous equipment to practice sex, namely about 3.000 condoms and 130 lubricant packaging.

In order for the prosecution that the Lidador News (LN), MP maintains that Martinez Manuel Barros, of 59 year old, native of Pontevedra (Spain), He managed to get 2013 and 2019, more than one million euros, as a result of criminal activity, based on the practice of pimping, developed in the space where one switch worked from home, located next to the IC1, Haystacks in the Village, municipality of Ourique.

In addition to Heritage arrest the MP also made a request for civil indemnity, requiring the individual, known as "Manolo", be ordered to pay to the State the amount of 270.353,32 euros, plus interest, By missing values ​​in periodic statements of IRC and IRS.

The individual was arrested on 10 June 2019, having initially been in custody, and is now under house arrest with electronic bracelet, He is accused of a crime of pimping, another illegal immigrant smuggling, two prohibited weapon detention, a qualified tax fraud and other money laundering.

Martinez Manuel Barros, acquired the space 2011, a residential old / restaurant, which was closed for nearly a decade, and then it turned into a nightlife establishment. He built a high wall around the entire property, where it created a private car park for customers. On the ground floor the old dining room has become the space for the drinks to women and on the 1st floor and an annex later Constructed, I had twenty-seven quarters, which it was practiced sex.

The attention of the military's Criminal Investigation Unit of Aljustrel, do Comando Territorial de Beja da GNR, They turned to the space after the day 7 June 2017 (see box) an individual came armed with a shotgun and tried to kill Manuel Barros. Given the number and nationalities of the women who were in the establishment, popular Ourique named the Guard action as "Operation Community".

On 8 July 2018, following a first operation GNR, the individual offender was formed, but, days later he reopened the space keeping it running in the same mold, with prostitution of old residential quarters of the. On that day the GNR found 24 women, five of which are illegal in Portugal, who dedicated themselves to prostitution. Among the confiscated property to the defendant, in the trunk of a Mercedes car 330 D, hidden under the spare tire, was a bag with 30.000 euros.

When detention 10 June, for five days GNR has undertaken various steps, having served a dozen search warrants, three home-based and nine non domiciliary, in various locations, including an accounting office in the Algarve, where the defendant lived.

The accused will be tried using a Collective Court in the Central Criminal Court of Beja, It is listed about fifty prosecution witnesses, in the vast majority of customers “Marinel”, risking its owner a sentence of imprisonment exceeding five years.

Shooting on "Marinel"

On the night of 7 June 2017, Francisco Aniceto, of 42 year old, resident on the Mount of Master, in the municipality of Almodovar, alcoholic, He entered armed in Marinel, and he fired two shots from shotgun with the intention of killing Manuel Barros.

The question originated from jealousy that the individual was a woman who worked in space, and with whom he maintained a loving relationship, and that it had terminated.

The individual was in custody, tried in 19 February the Court of Beja, having been sentenced to 6 years of effective imprisonment, the crimes of attempted murder and aggravated unlawful use and possession of a weapon in a drunken state.

Two years later, by different crimes, Aniceto Francisco and Manuel Barros met in Prison Beja.

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