Ourique: First large solar plant in Europe was born in the county.

The first major solar plant in Europe that will produce energy without guaranteed rates or other state subsidies is being built in the municipality of Ourique, Alentejo, an investment of about 35 million.

A Central Solar Fotovoltaica Ourika! it is “the first large” to be built in Europe to operate according to market conditions, in other words, without guaranteed rates or other state subsidies that cause costs to consumers and taxpayers, according to information provided by the promoter company, a MorningChapter.

Second company, a partnership between the Solaer and Prosolia Energy groups, it is “Central a pioneer”, why “proves the new paradigm for solar energy in Europe” market-based regime.

A central Ourika! It was designed to prove that it is “possible” produce energy through a large central similar to Amareleja, in the municipality of Moura, Also Beja district, which has a total installed capacity of 46,41 megawatts-pico (MWp) and it came to be world's largest, “but without the negative impact on energy prices”, the company said.

A central de Amareleja, in their total 25 years of life, may entail additional cost in guaranteed rates of approximately 200 million euros and must be paid by all Portuguese, stresses the company.

With a total installed capacity of 46 MWp, spread over almost 142 thousand solar panels, a central Ourika! will produce 80 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy per year, enough to ensure consumption of approximately 25 a thousand households and avoid the emission of nearly 45 tons of greenhouse gas effect.

A central Ourika!, which began construction last July, an area of 100 hectares located near the village of Grandaços, in Ourique county, district of Beja, It should be completed in July and begin production in August 2018, the company said.

The project, presented today in Ourique, will involve 150 workers during the construction phase and create five permanent jobs when the center is fully operational and especially in operations and maintenance services.

The company chose Ourique municipality to install Ourika to be “the best location in Europe for the installation of a photovoltaic solar plant according to market conditions” and for “very good condition” for solar plants, like “maximum solar irradiation in continental Europe” and proximity to the national transport network (Rnt) electricity.

Segundo a MorningChapter, a central Ourika! It is “aligned with all requirements of the new generators binding regulation to EU networks” and will be the first solar plant connected directly to RNT, managed by REN company – National Energy Networks, unlike the existing, which are linked to the National Distribution Network (RND), managed by EDP Distribution Company.

The energy produced by Ourika!, the first solar plant to be licensed in Portugal to operate according to market conditions, It will be sold in the Iberian market or exported to any other market in the European Union.

A central Ourika! It has dimension for “make the difference in reducing the need for fuel imports, increasing the national and European energy independence” both natural gas imported from Russia as a nuclear power, stresses the company.

The name Ourika! result of a combination between Ourique word and the famous interjection “Eureka”, meaning found, attributed to the Greek mathematician Arquimedes de Siracusa and pronounced by someone when you find solution to a problem and it was exclaimed by prosecutors when they found the place “Perfect” for the construction of the central, explains company.

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