Ourique: Municipality performs film series for Gender Equality.

The Municipality of Ourique is tuned to the challenge of gender equality and the fight against domestic violence, It is a signatory municipalities of the Intermunicipal Plan for Equality.

Gender violence, which includes domestic violence, It is a serious violation of human rights, particularly women, assuming alarming proportions, with the World Health Organization declared that constituted a serious public health problem.

The Municipality of Ourique is tuned to the challenge of gender equality and the fight against domestic violence, It is a signatory municipalities of the Intermunicipal Plan for Equality.

In this context, mobilization of institutions and communities to prevent and combat this worrying social phenomenon and crime, the Municipality of Ourique promotes the realization of a film series For Gender Equality, the Cine-Teatro Sousa Telles, in Ourique, open to the public, one of the most din monkeys cultural spaces of the Beja district.

During the months of October (26) and November (23 and 30), citizens may attend three approaches this sad and unacceptable reality, in 2019, already killed nearly three dozen women in Portugal.

Morning 26 October | Saturday | 21h30 | M12 | | 109 minutes | Free tickets
Spanish film that deals with domestic violence, IcĂ­ar BollaĂ­n, as Laia Marull and Luis Tosar.
Film about domestic violence, It is the story of a woman, Pilar, what, a winter night runs away from home. I can, only takes his son.
Pilar knows that the husband will look for her. She's all for it, It is your sun. During the movie, the characters will rewrite this family book where it says who's who and what they are expected to do. But all the concepts are wrong and where it says home should read Hell, onde diz amor, there is only pain, and who promises protection only gives horror.
The film won seven Goyas – the “Spanish Oscars” – in the categories of best film, best director, best actor, best actress, Best Supporting Actress, best original screenplay and best sound.

Morning 23 November | Saturday | 21h30 | M12 | | 106 minutes | Free tickets
Portuguese film that addresses the Dawn syndrome / transvestites, Filipe Duarte, Maria d'Aires and Sarah Grace. By LuĂ­s Filipe Rocha (“The Passing of the Night”, “bye, Dad”), “The Other Side” foi apresentado no Festival de Montreal onde Filipe Duarte e Tomás Almeida foram distinguidos ex-aequo com o prĂ©mio de melhor actor pelas suas
touching interpretations.
“The other side”, Louis-length tenth Filipe Rocha, account “an impregnated story of joy of living, just a joy to live beyond death”. Ricardo (Filipe Duarte), homosexual and transvestite profession, He is an embittered man who wants to die after his companion committed suicide. In this time of loneliness, Ricardo returns to birthplace, somewhere within the country, and knows the nephew Vasco (Thomas Almeida), a teenager with trisomy 21, that will bring you a new will to live. Is “history of improbability”, says LuĂ­s Filipe Rocha, that it came in late 2004, after his father's death and a friend of inf INSTANCE to whom he dedicates this movie.

Morning 30 November | Saturday | 21h30 | M12 | | 108 minutes | Free tickets
French film that addresses disorders by gender / new familial trends, François Ozon, com Romain Duris, Anaïs Demoustier, Raphaël Personnaz, Ilsid Le Besco, Aurore Clément.
With realization and argument of the acclaimed French director François Ozon (“Under the Sand”, “Swimming Pool”, “The Time That Remains”, “Potiche – My little woman Rica”, “Inside the house”), a melodrama adapting to the big screen the eponymous short story by English novelist Ruth Rendell (1930-2015).
Laura and Claire have always been inseparable friends. When the first dies due to a prolonged illness, leaving Davis, the husband, totally disconsolate and a baby daughter in charge, Claire promises that will support you in everything you can. For this, resolve ir a casa de David o máximo de vezes que conseguir para ajudar a cuidar da criança. One day, entering without warning at his house, faced with an unknown with the baby in her arms. For years he keeps a secret, which is now ready for release, but decide to keep secret.

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