Ourique: Delivery City 73 tablets e 43 roters to students.

The Municipality of Ourique continues to provide solutions and responses to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to citizens and the community.

The Municipality of Ourique in conjunction with the educational community acquired and starts delivery as of today, on loan 73 tablets e 43 routers for students who do not have essential equipment for access to pedagogical content in distance learning.

After maintaining the home supply of school meals to those who already accessed them at school, having created a service to support the external needs of the senior population (compras e farmácia) and having ensured screening tests (scheduled for the last week of April) to all users of social facilities in the municipality with greater life experience.

The current pandemic context has posed a series of challenges to the educational community, what, within the conditions, have been responded to with the adjustments determined by the confinement, for the sake of prevention, containment and public health.

The beginning of the 3rd period, with a strong distance learning component, put the students, to families and the community, the challenge of students' access to the technological and communication supports essential for their achievement.

This municipal investment is a decisive contribution to ensure basic conditions of equal access to educational content.

The Municipality of Ourique thanks the effort to adjust to the new realities and routines that is being carried out by the entire educational community, an important sign of the capacity to adapt to new realities and resilience.

Together with the educational community and the government, Ourique Municipality will continue to monitor the situation, either from the solutions of the social support of the municipality, either through the government announcement of the strengthening of digital media in the next academic year.

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