Ourique: "Mountain gave birth to a mouse" in the judgment of the switch of home owner.

switch house owner acquitted recovers more than one million euros and pay indemnity to the State 270 thousand euros. They are also returned about 3.000 condoms.

Via skype, Martinez Manuel Barros, Spanish citizen owner of "Marinel", a night fun house in Ourique, heard Judge Ana Batista, return his heritage, rated in 1.144.877,31 euros, translated 606.489,05 EUR five bank accounts, seven cars and four rural and urban properties.

To this joins the refusal to state civil compensation order worth 270.353,32 euros, plus interest, By missing values ​​in periodic statements of IRC and IRS.

"Manolo" as it is known in the night business, of 59 year old, eventually only convicted of two prohibited weapon detention crimes, one on penalty 280 fine days, and another in 200 fine days, both the rate of 10 euros / day, num legal cluster 380 fine days, in total 3.800 euros. The defendant was acquitted of a crime of pimping, another illegal immigrant smuggling, a qualified tax fraud and other money laundering.

With the exception of weapons that are lost to the State, mobile phones, computers and miscellaneous equipment to practice sex, namely about 3.000 condoms and 130 lubricant packaging seized, They are returned to their owners.

To cement the decision, the Collective of Judges has proven as "the defendant's version, substantiated by the evidence produced in court ", considering that the statements of other witnesses "coincided", with the testimony of "Manolo".

Magistrates devalued the statements of four military GNR involved in the investigation, in particular in surveillance and travel to "Marinel" to interact with women, "Did not present facts that contradict the version of the accused and bind the illegal activities inside", concluded.

Regarding the practice of prostitution within the establishment, one Ourique pharmacist testified that "were women who acquired the material used in the activity, namely, condoms ", not guilty the owner of the house "switch".

As for the crime of tax fraud, the court found that he had "no doubt that the accused hid values, but that the evidence presented did not allow determining omitted values ​​and achieved revenues ", arguing that the investigation was conducted by the GNR and not visor Tax Authority "not performing the procedures prescribed by law", concluded magistrates.

Manuel Barros was arrested on 10 June 2019, having initially been in custody, He went then to house arrest with electronic bracelet, measures were also extinguished, the defendant having been returned to freedom.

It was not a ban on the Government to close the bars driven by 19-Covid pandemic, the establishment could already be open to the public.

Teixeira Correia


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