Ourique: GNR stopped cannabis grower.

Militares do NIC when GNR the Aljustrel, arrested, Santana da Serra (Ourique), a foreign individual, of 49 year old, that was dedicated to the cannabis plant cultivation. Building was accused and awaiting released the conduct of the proceedings.

A German citizen, of 49 year old, resident in a lot near Santana da Serra, municipality of Ourique, He was arrested by soldiers of the Center for Criminal Investigation (NIC) Aljustrel and Territorial Post Ourique GNR, by cultivating narcotics, including cannabis.

Researchers Guard, two weeks that followed the suspect, having complied with the three house search warrants, which resulted in the seizure of 82 plants and 19 cannabis seeds, 197 vessels used in the cultivation of this plant and also 195 grams of cannabis, and dozens of utensils and paraphernalia for growing and packaging of cannabis.

The suspect was accused constituted, constituting at liberty awaiting further developments of the process that was referred to the Judicial Court of Ourique.

In 19 July 2017, a British citizen, of 54 year old, It also lies in Santana da Serra, He was arrested for the same crime. N first approach the suspect, They were made two house searches and other non-domiciliary, having been seized 44 plants and 175 cannabis seeds, 187 grams of marijuana and diverse material related to the cultivation of narcotic plants. As the German citizen, Britain was also released by the term of identity and residence (TIR).

Teixeira Correia


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