Ourique: He released the suspect of abusing two girls 11 and 13 year old.

Was released, with periodic presentations and ban approaching the two girls who have been sexually abused, the individual 29 year old, who was arrested on Monday at dawn, in Ourique.

For the decision of the magistrate, which was taken on Tuesday, already night in, the Court that village (na photos), Heavy will be that of the individual primary, and the type of abuse, supported by medical report, that have subjected the girls.

The case occurred on Monday at dawn on a hill located in the Chada New Zone, in the parish and county of Ourique, where the couple, resident in Odivelas municipality (Lisbon), I spent a few days and where the defendant invited, that was its relations.

According revealed at the time of detention, South Board of Judicial Police (PJ), the detainee "entered the room where they slept smaller, of 11 and 13 year old, and proceeded to genital manipulation and a caress in erogenous zone to the other ", eventually be detained "by the alleged practice of two counts of sexual abuse of children".

They were the parents of the girls who alerted the GNR Ourique who made the first move a patrol, and after, military core of Criminal Investigation. Given the type of crime and the competence of research, It has requested the presence of Judicial inspectors.

After hearing the parties, PJ arrested the individual, while the two victims were transported to the Beja Hospital, where they were subjected to tests, to demonstrate the abuse that have undergone.

Teixeira Correia


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