Ourique: Evaded Carregueira caught after chase 40 kilometers.

An individual 28 year old, regarded as dangerous and escaped from the Prison of Carregueira, He was arrested yesterday morning in the village of Mimosa, municipality of Santiago de Cacém, after a chase of GNR from Ourique.

The registered was accompanied by a woman 27 year old, and then locked by a barrier mounted military, it was revealed who was escaped from prison and also the vehicle where they were carrying had been stolen, in Lisbon, hair tucked in "carjaking".

The man raised suspicions after spending several times next to the fire, having been given the warning to the Guard, that shortly after he received a complaint for theft of vehicle wheels.

The military went to the ground and when the vehicle located, suspects stop order to disobey, having been made by a chase IC1, along 40 kilometers, which were to be held.

The escaped from prison Carregueira, It is referenced by the practice of vehicle theft offenses, of ATMs (ATM) and cash in transit vehicles.

present yesterday before the judge of the Criminal Court of Ourique, the woman he was applied to measure identity and coercion term residence (TIR), while the individual was taken to Prison Beja, which was admitted to 17,15 hours, accompanied by four military of the GNR and handcuffed his hands behind his back, It is tall, short hair and thick beard.

Teixeira Correia


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