Ourique: Detained two men for drug trafficking, in transit operation.

Two individuals, with 23 and 33 years, They were arrested yesterday near Ourique, by soldiers of the Territorial Detachment of the GNR Aljustrel, by Suspeita drug trafficking.

The arrest occurred following a bus transaction carried out in IC1, Haystacks near village, having been surprised the suspects in possession of 50 hashish and various doses of narcotic containers for food packaging product.

In addition to the two men who were arrested and made defendants by term of identity and residence, were four other men also identified, aged 23 and 42 year old, It has been prepared the respective notices of contravention by drug use.

Detainees identified and citizens are not natural in the region, They were traveling, when they were approached by the authorities.

To be a great road movement area between Lisbon and the Algarve, GNR usually promotes road operations targeting drug trafficking.

Last day 30 of December (Arrest photo), a similar operation GNR stopped at the same place and the same type of crime, three men, aged 21 and 34 year old, having been seized 250 doses of hashish, They have been identified six men for possession of small amounts of narcotic, intended for personal use.

Teixeira Correia


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