Ourique: commemoration of 880 years of the Battle confirmed that Portugal.

The Battle of Ourique 25 July 1139 It is a milestone in the affirmation of Portugal as a nation and in the projection of Portugueseness, Be the Portuguese.

Invoke boost D. Afonso Henriques in the Battle of Ourique in their 880 year old, It is not only to remember the bravery of his army before the disproportion of the forces in presence, but also the importance of the territory for the affirmation of identity and sovereignty.

The Municipality of Ourique invoke the battle that bears his name inscribed as unavoidable event of the History of Portugal with the holding of a Conference and the traditional lunch of Ouriquenses, respectively the 26 and 27 July.

On Friday, 26 July, by 20h45, the Auditorium of the Municipal Library Jorge Sampaio, Ourique welcome the completion of the Colloquium “Celebration of 880 years of the Battle of Ourique, history and its importance in the birth of Portugal”, which will be prestigious presence of Dr. Manuela M Mendonca. Fernandes, General Adelino Matos Coelho, do Dr. António Quaresma, do Dr. Tiago Costa and Dr. Hélder Mendes.

On Saturday, 27 July, 13.00 parts, the Convivio Center Ourique, will be held the traditional lunch of Ouriquenses, whose participation shall be registered until the day 26 July (Friday), the Office of Culture of the Municipality, located in the Plaza D.Dinis.

The evocation and celebration of the Battle of Ourique is part of the series of initiatives that the Municipality of Ourique develops to assert memory, identity and realities as integral parts of the local development strategy, regional and national level.

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