Ourique: Anselmo Ralph engaged in pig Alentejo Fair.

The Fair Pork Alentejo, that takes place in between Ourique 27 and 29 March, it is marked, the level of performances, by acting Anselmo Ralph.

Editing 2020 the Alentejo Pig Fair will run from 27 a 29 March 2020, in Ourique, one of the most important exhibitions to promote the rural world, the identity marks the territory of Ourique and knowledge and flavors of the region, which is increasingly an international relevance in the productive capacity of the statement agri-food and livestock.

The musical entertainment is an important part of that space of convergences, of conviviality and pleasure in what has become the biggest stage of the Rural World of Ourique. In editing 2020, the second breakthrough artist for the event is the Anselmo Ralph, which operates on Saturday night, day 28 March.

Anselmo Ralph is a singer R&B, Soul and Angolan Kizomba. He lived a few years in Madrid and it was there that he discovered his passion for music. It was part of the group "NGB" (New Generation Band), com quem gravou o seu primeiro disco. He was named "Best R Cantor&B "by the television channel" The Channel ", South Africa, and "MTV Europe Music Awards 2006" received the award in the category of "Best African Artist".

In 2011, Anselmo Ralph launched the successful "Pain From Cupid", what, in just two days, sold 42 thousand copies, reaching within three months the sale of 90 thousand copies. Quickly became a great national and international success. You have been mentors panel member of The Voice Portugal, RTP, in two editions.

Over the last few years, Anselmo Ralph realizou espetáculos nos principais palcos nacionais, em registo próprio ou a convite de outros artistas, as with Enrique Iglesias, Altice at Arena.

After Barbara ad banner for Friday, 27 March, Ourique with the presence of one of the great names in music Lusophony.

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