The phenomenon of domestic violence (CEO) We had last week, visibility out of the ordinary, because apparently, the limit of deaths in the context of intimate relationships per month, to which the company is indignant and become aware of the seriousness that the RV takes on Portugal, It is nine women and a child.

Rogério COPETO

Lieutenant Colonel of the GNR

Master in Law and Security and Homeland Security Auditor

Head of the Education Division / Command Doctrine and Training

But, Unfortunately we still can not indignarmo us the same way by 44 deaths, that resulted from 10.931 road accidents, that occurred between 1 and 31 January, on Portuguese roads, not being enough so they died 44 grandparents, parents and sons, for the Portuguese society take civil war consciousness that is happening on our roads.

However, today's article is not about road safety, but about VD, so the number of infamous 9 women and a child, who died in VD context, He began to take shape in 5 January in Lagoa, no Algarve, with the murder of a woman, followed by the alleged homicidal suicide, tendo a nona mulher sido assassinada no dia 4 Feb., in Seixal, by-law, which also killed his own daughter two years, committing suicide hours after the 200 km away, whose occurrence triggered in all sectors of society, the need to take action to end the killings of women in the context of VD.

For those who were aware of the news, opinion articles, programs and television news, where experts and non-experts, They addressed the issue of the RV last week, learned that "apenalties 15% cases of domestic violence ended 2017 They resulted in a charge of the prosecution (MP)", resulting in 85% filed processes. Despite this conclusion not new, because it was already known 29 July 2017, according to the data of the District Attorney General of Lisbon they revealed that most cases of domestic violence end up in filing because of the silence to which they refer victims during the process.

And today it is known that the ninth women and children murdered in Seixal and caused all this outrage, these include 85% filed processes, because the mother and daughter of the victims filed a complaint on PSP by VD 2017 against the aggressor, having terminated the process MP, typified by having a distinct crime, PSP after having participated in the crime as VD and "specifically 'psychological and social violence' in case of 'high risk'".

As a solution to the problem, Rui Carmo, Retrospective analysis coordinator Team Killing in domestic violence (EARHVD), in the interview he gave to the public on 6 Feb., points out a set of measures, here we summarize, considering are important, passing through simplify VD complaints, early identification of situations VD, improve coordination of the various services and agencies, apply the law of VD, timely identify the level of risk victims, empower security forces to protect victims, apply the aggressor containment measures, train all professionals and improve the intervention of VD situations.

In addition to the paths indicated by Rui Carmo, UMAR refers to "lack of prevention and awareness to reverse a shocking reality"And the application of stiffer penalties is the proposals of the Women Murdered Observatory.

And speaking of feathers, but not hard, but lightweight, last week we were also to know that "the Supreme Judicial Council (CSM) She decided to apply a recorded warning to de Moura Neto judge – responsible for writing two judgments in quoting the Bible to justify the maintenance of suspended sentences for domestic violence".

But the question that has been heard, was: "What continues to fail?". An example being the I article 6 Feb., where after listening to experts in the field and consulted the latest documents which deal with the phenomenon of VD, concludes the need to strengthen the training of professionals in the 1st line of the security forces (FS), including the reception and victim care, the collection of evidence, the risk assessment and the definition and implementation of the security plan.

Having regard to the indignation that the occurrence of Seixal generated throughout society, Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Rosa Monteiro said show up worried, as the Minister of the Presidency and the Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, who advocated "only focusing on training, especially in the education of young people for citizenship, be able to fight against crimes of domestic violence".

This subject not only concerns the 1st Minister, as ashamed, having so warrant meet the highest responsible for preventing and combating VD, whose meeting took place on 7 February and attended by the Attorney General's Office (PGR), the Coordinator of EARHVD and the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG), and result in release, He realized that the decisions taken, which highlights the creation of a multidisciplinary technical team more, coordinated by the Coordinator of EARHVD, the extension of support offices to victims RV to all Departments of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP) and strengthening training, coordination and cooperation between FS, magistrates and organizations working to prevent and combat VD.

Where no shortage cooperation, It is between the Government and the President, because after NGOs have complained they were not invited to the meeting scheduled by the Government, were the same calls by the President on 8 Feb., for another meeting, checking up so that all the institutions with responsibilities in the fight will VD had the opportunity to realize, at the highest level, what goes wrong in the prevention and protection of victims VD.

Despite this apparent failure to combat VD, this week the FS detained five men for domestic violence, having two been caught in the act, while one threatened the woman with a knife and the other with a firearm.

At this point, and with no one to take blame and where we only see fingers pointed, almost always the FS and the courts, We consider that the fault lies in the system that does not exist, so our proposal, It involves the creation of a System for the Prevention and Protection of Victims of VD (SPPVD), for a coordinated manner, may all institutions to articulate in the prevention and protection of victims VD, as in the Child Protection System and Youth in Danger, because they last 20 years has given ample proof of its effectiveness.

For the implementation of SPPVD, propomos a criação das Comissões Multidisciplinares de Avaliação de Risco da Violência Doméstica (CoMARVD), will like the Children Protection Committees and Youth in Danger (CPCJ), and just as there are in the UK, under the name Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC), the same being composed of representatives of all institutions and organizations that deal with the phenomenon of VD (education, social Security, Cheers, FS, authorities, ONG, etc.), under the supervision of MP, positioning itself to intervene between the first-tier authorities and courts, as with the CPCJ.

As CoMARVD, They would have so much more power than the "support offices to victims of VD", which will now be created in all DIAP's, Its main task the analysis of all the elaborate risk assessment forms, particularly high risk, with the possibility to apply urgent measures to protect victims and removal of the attackers, less than 72 hours, with subsequent sanction by the court, being sent to these commissions copy of the risk assessment sheets and a summary of the event, simultaneously with the official report shipment to the MP.

The CoMARVD still would be able to apply the measure of protection for remote assistance to all victims of VD, which was high risk assessment, simply for the purpose, an order of(a) President of CoMARVD, and not the judge or, during the investigation stage, prosecutors, thus decreasing the bureaucratic burden.

With regard to the Telecare Service RV Victims (STVD), we propose that the responsibility for its operation pass to the FS, leaving to be under the purview of the IGC and the Portuguese Red Cross (CVP), not in this proposal a critique of how both institutions have managed to get the job done, but yes, because the closer the victims have VD of FS, the faster the response of these to emergencies, eliminating the intermediate.

for these reasons, it appears that only the creation of a genuine system of Prevention and Protection of Victims of VD, be able to put all the institutions to work together and in conjunction, in order to reverse the growing trend of homicides in the context of intimate relationships, as well as reduce the number of RV crimes, which last year recorded 29.734 occurrences, according to the PGR.

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