Opinion (José Lúcio / Judge): The contempt for knowledge.

I do not know anything about it, but I have my opinion. More extraordinary still than this statement is the way how it is vulgarized, so much that has to be heard constantly about everything and anything without causing any strange reaction.

José Lúcio

(Judge President of Beja County)

It trivialized. Everyone has the right to have your opinion, and, worse than that, We're all the same. Of course. crystal clear. So it is reasoned position of those who consumed years of life to study and reflect on the most difficult problems as vozear meaningless of the thinker who thinks anything about it.

They tell me it's democracy, and I so do not dare. It costs me but to accept this progressive devaluation of knowledge that was implemented in contemporary societies. With the explosion of social networks, the phenomenon, what was already known, worsened and widespread. It seems to have disappeared from all inhibitions, and everyone feels perfectly comfortable talking about everything.

Attitude is, moreover, encouraged and cultivated. "The question today is about science, now say whatever it is you think about the theory of relativity ". "Now we talk about language, leave your comment on the particulars of verb conjugation in early Indo-European ". And never miss crowds of personal opinions, available to fantasize about the oddest questions. Everyone thinks anything.

The guessing is obviously one of the most glaring manifestations of the same disease. Discuss up whatever, and none of the assembled group wants to do without an opinion. Shame is honestly confess that on the topic does not know anything about anything. And so arises the debate, one finds it, the other thinks it, and everyone present feel anything. Ultimately, take stock, anyone found nothing that had not already been found long ago.

There were times, wiser, in which it went on to say that it is better to be silent and go silly than to open your mouth and dispel all doubts. Now is unacceptable such reasoning. Who makes good figure in society is who lectures with full relaxation and as easily on any topic, especially those that know nothing.

Related to the same phenomenon is the tudólogo. it, as it is known, He is an expert in all. It makes a huge success on television, on the radio, in the newspapers. No sooner said the highest policy as the lowest football. Pass without hesitation the economy to health, social security for justice, music for poetry. And the dumbfounded people amaze to hear it, amazed at how much science focuses on a head only.

All this might even have his grace, if you could attend only the ridiculous. However, it must observe a tendency deeper and disturbing. It is what I have called in the title of contempt for knowledge. The new generations are being fed the false and dangerous belief that thought can develop in the empty. It's what I think, It is the usual response to any question. But I think because you studied, investigaste the theme, east on the subject, reflectiste about it? Do Not, nothing, it's just what I think.

This illusion that thought does not need foundation, this standard become superficially, It is a chilling feature of our time, that the new communication platforms came to growing momentum. I do not know where it goes, but I can not watch it without a feeling of apprehension.

(Text written under the previous rule to spell AO1990, by the author's option)

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