Opinion (José Lúcio / Judge): Information and disinformation.

Multisided hear voices now concerned about the phenomenon they call fake news lately. The alarm is not without reason, but its concrete manifestations also justify seizure.

José Lúcio


It is that usually we'll see that for each of the false news are always those of others, and proposals that appear hopelessly end up falling into the temptation to create information control mechanisms, under this noble pretext of combating disinformation.

In reality these our times characterized by the existence of information unthinkable vehicles still in recent times ended up bringing, paradoxically or maybe not, new instruments and increased problems of misinformation.

If the information is now easier and faster, available with just one click, with disinformation takes place the same. And there will always forces, people, groups, persons engaged precisely in misdirecting, distort, manipulate.

The use of communication techniques to mislead, to disseminate distorted views of reality, in order to influence the opinion of others, It is as old as communication itself. Wants to situate in the fields of communication sciences, Public Relations, advertising, of mass psychology, of journalism, advertising, this has always been and will continue for the future to be a recurring theme.

There is in this respect nothing new, unless the land where the new wage battles Information. A few years ago there was no internet, Today this is a battlefield where they compete for major challenges for the contemporary world.

should, for all the reasons, be aware of the misinformation but not be less attentive to those who present themselves as disinterested apostles volunteering to check content networks, centros de fact-checking, committees for the implementation of "Community rules and guidelines", reduction mechanisms of spreading false news, etc.

Usually attempt to establish "standards" in this or that platform (as exemplified facebook) eventually show up as new forms of censorship clearly defined to limit the content as permitted and eliminate as much as possible those who are set to target.

quite simply, it is to get winning advantage to our side the label of objectivity and respectability and associating the opponent the negative labeling. Neither more nor less than a classic disinformation strategy. The attitude in the face of would-checkers can not help but be skeptical.

It seems to me in fact that the creation of the information flow control mechanisms more easily is part of a disinformation strategy than a selfless commitment to information. Just watch their heralds and proponents, concerns that serveth, to conclude that they are by no means neutral or exempt.

Campaign against fake news already faced up to many that without exaggeration could be considered outstanding examples of creative producers of fake news. We make no mistake, because. The intention is to ensure not only accurate and truthful information, but to win to their side ways to control the flow of information in the public space.

It is again the policy to come to the fore. As always, which essentially characterizes the political opposition is the friend / enemy. And in this virtuous convictions of the fake news we returned to find the distinction: the good news is our and our friends, the others are fake.

Lament, but I believe that fake news always we will have among us. Well it is to learn to know them.

(Text written under the previous rule to spell AO1990, by the author's option)

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