Odemira: Wildfire St. Louis reveals cannabis plantation. a man was arrested.

The violent fire broke out in the last day 10 of September, in St. Louis parish, county of Odemira, which consumed a large bush area and some hills, one of them revealed the existence of a planting cannabis.

On the afternoon that Tuesday was the order of the operational commander of the firefighters to evacuate some of the hills. When the populations would contact GNR, detected on one of the hills, a couple who lived in a caravan, where he kept 1037 grams of cannabis and 60 doses of hashish, the vast majority of narcotic packaged product, ready to enter the consumer market. Were also seized nine doses of cannabis and MDMA were removed plantation where 29 plants.

A couple of foreign nationals, aged between 55 and 60 year old, It was identified, the individual having been arrested and further comprising accused and released upon expiry of identity and residence (TIR).

Another bizarre case occurred in Spain in the past day 6 of September, when the helicopter was covering the Vuelta, filmed "a garden" a roof, that Civil Guard, believed it is in two cannabis plantations. Authorities seized 40 Herb plants that, who were at the top of a building in the city of Igualada, a 65 kilometers from Barcelona.

Teixeira Correia


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