Odemira: Participatory Budget 2017. presented 21 proposals for investments.

The population of Odemira presented 21 proposals for public investment in the process 2017 Participatory promoted by the Municipality Budget.

The proposals will now be subject to technical analysis, for subsequent vote during the months of October and November. The winning proposals, a total amount of 500 thousand euros, They will be integrated into the Municipal Budget 2018.

They were presented 21 proposals, no maximum 125 thousand euros each, which are distributed by Odemirense territory and focus on public investment projects. Proposals focus on proposed projects or investments in cultural facilities, sports, educational and recreational, in several villages or transversely to the entire county.

The OP Odemira has a total value of 500 thousand euros, divided into 250 thousand euros for projects promoted in the coastal parishes or with a population of 1500 people and other 250 thousand euros for projects promoted in the parishes with lower population 1500 population.

Between October and November, all citizens aged from 16 years may vote through three ways: online (www.op.cm-odemira.pt), the Single Desk of the municipality or the Voting Table Itinerant, it will be moved to the parishes. To encourage youth participation, It will also be shifted one polling station in the secondary schools and professional.

The Participatory Budget Odemira aims to enhance the exercise of participatory citizenship, active and responsible, to improve the quality of life in the county.

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