Odemira: Municipality promotes Day of Social Responsibility.

The Municipality of Odemira will boost Tuesday, Day of Social Responsibility, within the “Be responsible – Social Responsibility Program of Odemira County Business”.

The initiative will include training for the business community and the conference “Social Responsibility: what role and challenges for the future?”.

Social responsibility is a commitment to citizenship between organizations, the community and the surroundings, being the social responsibility projects add value to the company and strengthen their connection to the community. The Green Paper of the European Commission defines social responsibility as the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns by companies in their operations and interactions with other parts.

Encourage companies, critically reflect on these matters, highlight the experiences and business projects, in areas such as environmental protection and combating climate change, the life support local communities, the human resources policy of the company, among others, are day purposes Social Responsibility.

During the morning, from 10.00 hours, in the auditorium of the Municipal Library José Saramago, will be streamlined training on Social Responsibility, by GRACE РGroup of Reflection and Support for Corporate Citizenship, to those companies in the county.

The conference held by 14.00 hours, no Cineteatro Camacho Costa, numa iniciativa organizada pela Plataforma Supraconcelhia do Alentejo Litoral. A iniciativa ter√° dois pain√©is tem√°ticos, the first being on “Social Responsibility models and Perspectives”, with the participation of Mario Parra da Silva (President of the Portuguese Association for Business Ethics) and Paul Silva (University of √Čvora), sparingly Vanda Cruz (UGT). The second panel will display “Good social responsibility practices”, with the participation of Margarida Carvalho (Being Responsible / Social Responsibility Program of Odemira County Business), Maria Jo√£o Cunha (DELTA), Lu√≠s Mesquita Days (VITACRESS) and Luis Pinheiro (wonder Farms), moderated by James Seixas (Grace Association).

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