Odemira: Municipality of Odemira Prize promotes Entrepreneurship.

“It all starts with an idea”, this is how the city of Odemira defines the release of the 4th edition of the Prize Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Until the day 30 April 2019 are open nominations for the 4th edition of the Prize Entrepreneurial Spirit, promoted by the Municipality of Odemira, which aims to encourage and recognize the entrepreneurial and creative initiatives, under the Odemira undertakes - Municipal Program for Entrepreneurship and Employment.

Aiming to contribute to the economic development of the municipality, the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award aims to enhance public recognition, dignifying, the value and prestige of business activity, and at the same time creating an important prize in confidence building, self-esteem and motivation for new projects and new challenges.

They are open to all young people, aged between 18 and 35 year old, with proposals for entrepreneurial and creative ideas, as well as new business initiatives based in Odemira, established less than three years.

Prizes will be awarded to the best entrepreneurial and creative idea and the three best classified among the applications of new business initiatives. The best entrepreneurial and creative idea will be awarded the value of 2.000,00 €, and the possibility of direct access to Odemira Companies Nest (conditioning maturity of the idea, the promoter of existence for its implementation, and the immediate availability of facilities). The three best new business initiatives will be rewarded with the values ​​of 2.000 €, 1.000,00€ e 500,00€.

Applications must be submitted through form filling, available at the Office of Support to Entrepreneurs, Single Window and the municipality website, in www.cm-odemira.pt.

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