Odemira: Municipality supports education over 2,5 million.

In order to contribute to the promotion of academic success and to build an educational territory quality, the municipality of Odemira plans to invest over 2,5 million in the school year 2019/2020.

Such support themselves embody in school buses, social action, family support activities, meals, scholarships, exercise books and books of records and projects to promote school success.

Under the city program Odete - Odemira Educational Planning and inserted into the socio-community Development Education Project, the municipality implements the educational community various actions, considering an investment for socio-economic development of the territory. Many of these actions and projects go far beyond the strict competence of the municipalities under Law.

In the school year 2019/2020, within its competence and to support education projects, the municipality of Odemira plans to invest a total of € 2,555,792.00, amount paid in shares in the School Success Promotion Project, financing target through the Alentejo 2020 / European Social Fund (520 thousand euros), school transport through protolocos with the Parishes and Road Alentejo (778 thousand euros), school meals (506 thousand euros), family support activities (362,292 thousand euros), Schools protocols with five groups for study visits, educational materials and ICT (120 thousand euros), award scholarships and merit (105 thousand euros), filed with the School of Arts Alentejo Litoral to promote articulated music education at School Damian Odemira and EB 2, 3 but Tall (35 thousand euros), offer of activities books and records of books for all students of the 1st cycle of basic education (20 thousand euros), Social School Action (5 thousand euros for school supplies), promotion of Experimental Sciences and Spatial (30 thousand euros), 29 mobility for learning purposes teaching staff and other staff under the Project Learning Together with Erasmus + II (51,5 thousand euros), development of emotional education project in pre-school and 1st and 2nd cycle (20 thousand euros) and screening of color blindness (3 thousand euros).

Is concluding the construction of the new S School Center. Teotonio, a work to position the company Teixeira, Pinto & Soares, S.A., an investment of 1,766,290.00 € (VAT included).

The new building was built in the 1st cycle of Basic School of the 2nd and 3rd Eng enclosure Cycle. Rafael Manuel Amaro da Costa. Paralelemente, in this month of October, the City awarded the contract of School Center Expansion of the 1st S Cycle. Luis Inoutbuild the company - Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Lda, a work worth 1.483.435,54 € (VAT included).

In order to make known the mascots Stork, Boar (the "Acorn") and Otter (the "Mira Water") which are the image of some of the activities of Odemira Territory Education program, books were distributed coloring by children from kindergartens and schools of the 1st cycle of all groupings county schools, with drawings of pets in different scenarios.

This is an opportunity to foster creativity and the creation of links between these children and pets that are already present in some of the activities of your day-to-day. It launched the challenge to these children to give a name to the newcomer Stork. This initiative is promoted by the municipality of Odemira and co-financed by Alentejo 2020, in the School of Success promotion project.

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