Odemira: Village Court Malhão receives simulacrum of the "Safe Village" and "Insured".

Simulacrum “safe village” and “people safe” It will take place today in the village of Corte Malhão, county of Odemira.

The village court Malhão, the S Parish. Martin Amoreiras, county of Odemira, You will receive a Drill Program "Safe Village" and "Insured", to be held tomorrow, day 2 August, a partir the 19.00 hours.

To achieve this simulacrum was designated a Safety Officer of the Village and its replacement, and identified a safe haven, through signaling. The Official Village Security will have the mission to convey warnings to the population, organize the evacuation of the cluster if necessary and make awareness-raising among the population.

The implementation of the program "Safe Village" and "Insured" results from the cooperation between the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), the municipality of Odemira, through the Municipal Civil Protection Service, Firefighters Odemira Volunteers, the National Guard and S Parish. Martin Amoreiras.

This is the second village of Odemira where happens this simulacrum of the program "Safe Village" and "Insured". Last day 26 June, the location of the Moitinhas, in Savoy parish, He received the pilot district of Beja.

The program "Safe Village" and "Insured" is already being implemented in 700 villages of 189 municipalities that have identified as having higher risk parishes within the forest fire prevention.

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