Moura: Retired police will be tried for embezzlement and document forgery.

An agent of the Public Security Police (PSP) retired, attached to Moura Police District Command Beja, He was investigated and charged by the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP) Evora six crimes.

The accused will be tried for four crimes of embezzlement, a document forgery and a prohibited weapon detention.

But the case can reach superiors PSP, as the deputy prosecutor of DIAP, sent extract certificates to institute criminal proceedings intended to "determine" the eventual practice of "denial of justice crime and malfeasance", the possible masking of internal facts that the agent was suspected.

The case was discovered after the accused have retired in August 2013, following a takeover attempt, through a website and email, of 50 7.5 caliber ammunition RUAL×55 GP11, for a rifle that was not manifested in the police files.

According to the charge order that the Lidador News (LN) We had access, during the investigation it was discovered an e-mail message exchanged between elements of the PSP, in which the rapporteur took account of a superior who had been "informed" that when the individual "played sentry duties at the station, allegedly received weapons (of older people) not giving them legal destination ".

The author of the email adds that "at a date not concretely determined disappeared a rifle squadron". The weapon in question, It was the same for which the suspect looking to buy ammunition with documents made by you, with the stamp of the PSP, already after leaving active service.

The agent seized two rifles and two pistols which had been delivered to the station by individuals or families thereof that would deliver for slaughter, but the suspect made his.

The first accident occurred in May 2011, when the grandson of a deceased man handed a Browning pistol, without having received any document of that delivery. After two and a half years, the individual wrote to the commander of the Police Station Moura, to request a declaration of delivery of weapon, but there was no receipt of records. A few days later in a "voluntary", the defendant was delivering the said weapon.

On 7 July 2016, It was made a house search in the room and a lot of ex-agent, having been seized three weapons, 140 ammunition of various types and sizes and other weapons. According to the indictment, PSP although the agent is free use license and possession of love, "The defendant knew he could not stop the could", hence it had been all seized.

The trial to be held before a collective judgment, the Court of Beja, and the retired agent risks a sentence of more than five years in prison. Among the prosecution witnesses there is a chief and three officers of PSP Police Station of Moura.

Teixeira Correia


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