Moura: September Fair, of 12 a 15, Honey contest the region.

The September Fair is held in between Moura 12 and 15 of September, facing crafts, tourism and nature, XXVI will not contest the honeys Region Moura, one of its main attractions.

To 6 August 2019 is the duration of the period for submission of tender honey samples in honeys XXVI Contest of Moura Region.

With this initiative the Municipality of Moura seeks to enhance beekeeping as an economic activity of your municipality and neighboring municipalities, promote honey as a regional product of excellence and create business opportunities, addition to promoting new marketing spaces.

Honeys in the competition must come from apiaries installed in the Moura county and neighboring counties, It is required to submit a photocopy of proof of Beekeeper Registration number 2018 or 2019.

Competitors must apply to the Municipality of Moura jars for each honey sample to tender, should also proceed to complete and submit the registration form to the Municipality of Moura - Planning Division, Urban management, Investment and Tourism.

It is noted that the regulation of this call will be available for consultation on the website of the Municipality of Moura. The XXVI competition honeys Region de Moura integrates traditional September Fair which this year takes place between days 12 and 15, the Municipal Park of Fairs and Expositions de Moura County, having as the central themes Crafts, Tourism and Nature.

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