Moura: Defense of the Air Means Center unites mayors.

Municipalities of Moura, Canyons, Mértola and Serpa request a hearing from the Minister of Internal Affairs, because of the Air Means Center.

The Municipality of Moura, jointly with the Municipalities of Barrancos, Mértola and Serpa, requested a hearing, urgently, to the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita.

This request is based on the fact that the Centro de Meios Aéreos de Moura lost the only aerial means of initial attack to combat rural fires, due to the guidelines issued in the National Directive no. 2 - DECIR 2020.

Álvaro Azedo, Mayor de Moura, considers that in the last years the presence of this aerial environment has contributed to the preservation of the forest and the agricultural landscape of the municipalities of Moura, Canyons, Mértola and Serpa. The mayor considers that the region is completely unprotected with the decision taken.

In a letter sent to the Office of the Minister for Internal Administration, the Presidents of the four municipalities also regret the lack of dialogue during this process, that led to decision making, who consider, wrong.

It is recalled that in the last three years the Municipality of Moura carried out, in conjunction with CDOS and EDIA, a set of improvements in the facilities of the Centro de Meios Aéreos de Moura. The decision to remove the air, so, with commitment, commitment and determination of the mayors in supporting the structure based near the Alqueva Dam.

The initial attack on fires is crucial, especially in a vast region where the distances between Fire Departments are high, average 30 km, which compromises the initial attack on fires, being able to contribute to the aggravation of the scenarios that the operational ones will find.

The mayors of Moura, Canyons, Mértola and Serpa are now waiting for a response from the Minister of Internal Affairs, for what, in dialogue, one can overcome a situation that represents a huge danger to the populations and the territory.

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