Mina S. Domingos / Mértola: Caravan and car burn by the river beach.

Explosion of gas cylinder in caravan causes fire. The car burned completely and lightly with passengers, also pasture of the flames.

The explosion of a gas cylinder, placed outside a motorhome, may have been the cause of a fire that completely consumed the vehicle. Flames spread to eucalyptus and pasture, spreading to a light passenger vehicle that was totally destroyed.

The alert was given this Saturday around 16,30 hours and the fire occurred next to the river beach of Tapada Grande, Mina de São Domingos, municipality of Mértola.

Inside the caravan was a man, who emerged unscathed from the fire and only the prompt intervention of the Mértola Firefighters prevented a tragedy, since there were more than two dozen caravans on site, whose owners withdrew the same.

A witness told the Lidador News (LN) having heard “several explosions by the caravan that burned, were gas cylinders. I didn't understand why they didn't remove the passenger van. It burned long after the fire started. Either it was abandoned or the owners were afraid ”, concluded.

On site at the fire were 14 operational teams of Mértola Firefighters and GNR supported by five vehicles.

Teixeira Correia


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