Mina de São Domingos: Evening in the village to return Market.

A Mine S. Sunday gets late on Monday the initiative of the local authority “Evening Market”.

The City Council begins another season of the initiative Evening Market, on 14 January, 19:30, this time in the Mina de São Domingos and, due to the intense cold night, a new space - the headquarters of the Hunters Association of Chança.

The theme will be the Origin of Food, in order to make a shared menu and retrieve recipes of some more traditional dishes, However, They have fallen into disuse.

This edition is part of the international meeting Food Network Academy, an association of organizations, companies and volunteers committed to developing sustainable food strategies of local / regional basis, so this initiative will be present guests from Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Nepal, etc. Do Nepal, the guest is a chef who will confecionar a plate with forgotten varieties of rice.

The initiative has the support of the Guadiana Valley Hunters Association, Lives with Claw Association and some volunteers from the Senior University.

The Choir of São Domingos Mine Group will also be present with their fashions sing Alentejo.

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