Mértola: Secretary of State monitors Covid-19 tests in Montes Altos.

The Secretary of State for Defense, Jorge Sanches Insurance, it's Tuesday morning, no Social Center dos Montes Altos (Mértola).

Under the Preventive Testing Program in Homes in Baixo Alentejo, the Deputy Secretary of State and National Defense, Jorge Sanches Insurance, monitors the taking of samples from Covid-19 screening tests, to users and workers of the Montes Altos Social Center.

The presidents of the CIMBAL Intermunicipal Council will also be present, ABC Center and the District Director of the Social Security Institute.

A comitiva chega ao Centro Social dos Montes Altos, in Santana de Cambas, municipality of Mértola, to 10,30 hours and an hour later there will be a meeting with the media in the Musical Building, Mina de São Domingos.

Jorge Sanches Insurance, Coordinator for the Alentejo of the Covid-19 disaster situation, has been to Moura e Ferreira do Alentejo, in identical actions.

Teixeira Correia


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