Mértola: Four accidents ore trucks have claimed six wounded.

Heavy Spanish registration of goods, Aljustrel ore transport to the Huelva complex, continue to “collect” accidents and injuries in EN122, near Mértola.

six wounded, four of whom were incarcerated and were transported to the ER, It is the result of four accidents involving heavy vehicles Spanish registration of goods that make the ore transport of Aljustrel mines to the mining complex of Huelva.

All accidents occurred on National Road (IN) 122, two before Mértola and others after after spending the Alentejo town, and three were put off and a bump, precisely what happened yesterday, when heavy was crossing the bridge of the Career College, about what 10 kilometers from Mértola.

The accident occurred yesterday at about 12,20 hours, in the north / south direction, the connection between Mértola and Vila Real de Santo António, when the passenger car, led by Eduardo Sequeira, of 71 year old, who was traveling with his wife, of 72 year old, residents in Feijó (Almada) hit the bridge tour and it was colliding with a truck that makes the ore transport of Aljustrel mines to mining complex of Huelva, eventually hit the wall, avoiding falling into the bed of the stream.

The couple was taken to the ER, where he was under observation was discharged in the evening, while the driver of the heavy refused assistance. The traffic of EN 122 It was conditioned for several hours, making himself alternately towards south / north, until the heavy was withdrawn by a tug.

This was the fourth accident involving heavy originating in Spain ore transport goods. above us, They resulted in two serious injuries by drivers of vehicles who were imprisoned, two Spanish citizens 28 and 39 year old, respectively. In another of accidents, as yesterday, the driver refused any assistance.

The three accidents happened during 2018. The first occurred in 4 April having a heavy crashed eucalyptus and lying about a bluff 10 meters from via (na photos). In the second checked in 25 October, the vehicle left the road and also a eucalyptus enfeixou. The third accident, other oversight, happened on the last day of October with the truck crashed also a tree of the same species.

In all cases the vehicles were completely destroyed, having left the locations of accidents involving the use of cranes and large trailers.

Teixeira Correia


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