Mértola: “There Party in Largo” solidarity event to help entrepreneurs affected by fire.

“There Party in Largo”, It is a cooperative event of the Guadiana Valley Entrepreneurs Association with local business owners affected by the fire in Mértola.

The tragic events of last week, with devastating consequences for two businessmen and the willingness of other colleagues managers, entities and individuals, show solidarity and support a new beginning.

For this purpose, the Guadiana Valley Business Association (AEVG) is preparing an activity that allows the capture of some financial support to injured.

The event consists of a Party, to develop on 21 July, no Largo Vasco da Gama, a partir the 20,00 hours, with a sympathetic Gazpacho, complemented with musical entertainment, beverages and various lids.

It will still be produced a basket of local products, which will be drawn by raffles system. The basket of products, and those that will be sold during the event, They will be donated by several local entrepreneurs, and revenue is then made available to injured.

The participation of groups and musical entertainers, It will also be free of charge, to allow the maximum possible revenue.

Businessmen Association, still leaves a challenge to all those who wish to leave your volunteer help, whether material or hand work, Deliver this information to the institution.

As a matter of organization, AE thanks to inform the type of support they can / want to give, via email aempresariosvg@gmail.com, phone in AEVG headquarters in the Municipal Market or even through facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/events/1232141970248265/?acontext =% 7B% 22action_history% 22% 3A% 22null% 22% 7D

Teixeira Correia


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