Mértola: annual meeting of County Associations.

The Municipality of Mértola is organizing this Saturday, day 16 November, in Recreational Society Mesquitense, in the village mosque, parish of Holy Spirit, the XII Meeting of Cultural and Recreational Association of County.

This is an initiative that aims to inform and promote the exchange of experiences between the various associations of the county, a training logic of its leaders for building intervention strategies.

The meeting will begin at 9:30 am and is entitled "Associative Participation and Local Development".

The problems of population and inner abandonment that characterize this territory, ranked as one of the most depopulated and aged the country, puts a special emphasis on the effective participation of their communities, in particular via the associative movement.

The associations represent a crucial role in preserving the identity and memory of this rural community, however it can also be constituted as acting agents capable of counteracting the trend of depopulation and impoverishment of the territory, to actively participate in their own territorial development processes / local. However, participation is not spontaneous, therefore it is necessary to notify, motivate and establish ways of working to enable the mobilization of members and the community.

this meeting, the House wants to discuss the associative participation as the basis of the development process, also aimed at promoting greater awareness of the associative movement, the importance of networking and the consequent contribution to sustainable local development.

In this day, also includes the inauguration of the program "Hostel of Our Lady. das Neves ", the Mosque, a local development project promoted jointly by the Recreational Society Mesquitense, Village Tourism / Alenprimium, Lda. and Cultural Association Lever, integrated into the design of Santiago Alentejo Ribatejo Paths, which is being developed and implemented by the Regional Tourism Organization of Alentejo and Ribatejo.

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