Mértola: Overthrow the Spanish side closes the Lower Guadiana International Bridge.

About 15 days the Lower Guadiana International Bridge linking Portugal and Spain, in the town of Pomarão, municipality of Mértola, to El Granado, Huelva Province, It is closed to traffic, due to a landslide.

ponte-international-guadiana_800x800The subsidence occurred on the Spanish side about 50 meters of the bridge deck and dragged to the highway, tons of rock and earth, which blocked completely the way. The bridge takes you across the shore of Chança, less than a hundred meters from a Spanish dam and the river Guadiana.

The situation is worrying the mayors of the Alentejo county, as bridge "allows the arrival of many tourists and diners Spanish and Portuguese-way to acquire basic goods across the border", justified source of the Support Office to the President of the Chamber Mértola.

"We have made contact with the local authorities our neighbors, Two Three times per week, to know when it will be it resolved ", He justified our source who added that the track replacement is the responsibility of El Granado Ayuntamiento.

"There are already machines and trucks to make the removal of land and rubble. We hope to be fast ", ensure the city council mertolense.

Has learned the Lidador News (LN) from a restoration of merchant Pomarão, "Life here stopped. We lost the main source of revenue that were the Spanish ", justifying that in Spain, the road cut "is marked 12 kilometers before and no longer pass ", fired our interlocutor.

Making the bridge crossing the Pomarão and El Granado they are separated by 12 kilometers. With the infrastructure closing the movement between the two locations is greater than 100 kilometers.

The Lower Guadiana International Bridge opened in 26 February 2009 and it meant an investment that was around 2,3 million. The Chamber of Mértola and the Diputación Provincial de Huelva invested 572 thousand euros and the remaining 1,7 million of FEDES, by HUBAAL-Interreg IIIA project.

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Photo credit: JOSÉ BOLT

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