Mértola: "Give Liter by Mértola" rewards water-saving ideas.

Under the contest "Give Liter by Mértola" addressed to Mértola county Parish, to streamline awareness-raising of the local community for the efficient use of water, Honor the statements were signed.

These statements refer to the award of prizes to the Parish Council of Alcaria Ruiva, Holy Ghost Parish Council, Board of St. John Parish of Boilermakers and Santana Parish Council of Cambas.

Each of these entities was awarded a prize in the amount of € 2,000.00 to streamline innovative initiatives proposed tender.

Among the winning ideas is an annual competition to reward consumers with higher water consumption savings, proposed by the parish of Alcaria Ruiva; the initiative "At the time there was no tap!", proposed by the parish of the Holy Spirit; free distribution of containers to combat the waste of water in the showers, proposed by the Parish of St. John the Boilermakers and the realization of a calendar, a video and a song with advice for saving water, Santana proposed by the Parish Council of Cambas.

The contest "Give Liter by Mértola" integrates design Mértola + H2O that the Municipality of Mértola, promotes under the Environmental Fund and the National Environmental Education Strategy (ENEA 2020).

This project aims to raise awareness and training of local consumers and economic sectors for the adoption of more sustainable practices in the efficient use of water; with special focus on the reduction of consumption, for the adoption of circular economy principles in water management and the promotion of a new attitude towards the enhancement of water resources.

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