Melides: GNR combat illegal camps and vehicles in the dunes at Lagoa.

The GNR Grândola carried out combat operation to illegal camps and movement of dunes in vehicles in Melides Lagoon.

The Territorial Command Setúbal, through the Environmental Protection Core Territorial Detachment of Grândola, yesterday, day 14 August, It conducted an inspection operation to occasional camp and the use of vehicles on dunes, in Melides Lagoon.

Following this operation, They were inspected 40 individuals which resulted in the elaboration of 36 administrative offense case by occasional camp and illegal parking in the dunes.

These enforcement actions are aimed at the need to conserve geomorphological heritage, floristic and fauna of the dunes, considering that these are very sensitive areas and of huge importance, since they constitute a defense against the intensity of the winds, the sands and sea advances.

Operation of GNR in Odemira, last day 25 May.

camping surveillance operation and illegal trailer parks, in the coastal area of ​​Odemira, results in the development of 16 contraordenação cars.

The Territorial Command Beja, Regional Detachment through Odemira, on 25 May, conducted a surveillance operation directed to conduct camps in forbidden places, namely, on the coastline of Odemira, in the protected area of ​​the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.

During the operation were inspected 16 caravanistas, having been produced 16 notices of contravention for conducting camps outside the suitable places to practice caravanning and camping (picture taken in the City Park parking, in Beja), where offenders incur a penalty of between 200 and 2000 euros.

The operation also had the support of the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry.

Teixeira Correia


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