IMI: Cuba is one of nine municipalities in Portugal rising tax payable in 2018.

IMI related to 2017, which begins to be paid in April low 52 municipalities, among them are the Beja, Ferreira do Alentejo, Serpa and Vidigueira. Instead Cuba is the only one in the district in which increases.

The tax descent is one of the most popular and electoral promises were many candidates in the last municipal elections to be rescued this flag. The results are evident: on a map (Infographics the Journal News / JN) where almost half of the municipalities are already leaning against the lowest rate of municipal tax on real estate, residents in 52 municipalities will pay less than in IMI 2018.

But there are also municipalities to join the family IMI, giving discount to those who have dependents. With rate 0,4%, a property of 85 thousand euros paid 340 tax. And there are more municipalities to give the discount to families with children.

The deadline for municipalities notify the Tax Authority and Customs IMI rate wishing to practice came to be baptized on 31 December and were 295 who complied with this requirement. The option to 234 these authorities was to keep rates unchanged, which is justified by the fact that most already practicing the minimum value 0,3% permitted by law. Between the 61 it made changes, 52 They were to lower tax, counting only nine climbs. The IMI code that determines tax rates can be set by municipalities annually in the range of 0,3% a 0,45%.

In the district of Beja four municipalities lowered the tax: Beja (0,360%-2016/ 0,350-2017), Ferreira do Alentejo (0,400%-2016/ 0,375-2017), Serpa (0,320%-2016/ 0,310-2017) and Vidigueira (0,340%-2016/ 0,330-2017), in return Cuba (0,300%-2016/ 0,350-2017) It is the only county where it rises, It is one of the nine in Portugal where this happens. The remaining municipalities, Aljustrel, Alvito, Canyons, Castro Verde, Odemira, Ourique and Mértola, maintain the value of 2016.

IMI remembered not familiar

As with the fixing of rates, Also joining the family IMI depends on the willingness of camarários executives and vote of the municipal assemblies. This will be the third year of the measure and will be where most families will be entitled to this discount.

The family IMI was first applied in 2016 (tax for the 2015) and translated into a discount on the rate could go up 10% for families with a dependent; to 15% for those who have two and up 20% for those with three or more dependents.

In 2018, and taking into account the 295 municipalities for which there is information available, the number grows back and beats all previous: altogether, will be 232 the municipalities where the IMI house that serves as a permanent residence will download.

Among the fourteen municipalities in the district, five have no family IMI: Aljustrel, Canyons, Castro Verde, Serpa and Vidigueira.

Teixeira Correia


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