Guadiana: Basin with greater water availability (77,8%) in late February.

Twelve dams over 80% water in late February. Alqueva had a quota 148,30 meters to a maximum capacity of 152 meters. Only ten are the 40% capacity.

twelve of 60 reservoirs monitored in continental Portugal had in February bookings over 80% the total volume and ten were 40%, according to the National Information System of Water Resources (Shnihriः).

On the last day of February and compared to 31 January there was an increase in the volume stored in 11 monitored watersheds and a decline in 10, according to data published today by SNIRH.

The basin of the Guadiana it showed at the end of February increased availability of water (77,8%), Then Mondego (74,8%), Tejo (66,8%), Ave (66,4%), Douro (62,2%, Dug (59,9%), Windward (59,6%), Look (58,7%), West (56,3%) and Arad (54,9%). The basin of the Sado had the lowest number at the end of February (46,7%).

Storages February 2019 by river basin are presented below average February (1990/91 a 2017/18), except for the basins of the Mondego and Arade. Each basin can comprise more than one reservoir.

Albufeira Alqueva reached the maximum quota

The Bayou Alqueva Dam reached first, the maximum capacity, on 12 January 2010 (na photos), making it the largest artificial lake in Europe.

The rain then fallen in the region bathed by the reservoir, situated on the Guadiana River, It took the level of water stored to reach the maximum quota 152 meters, entre as 14:00h e as 15:00h, as measured Development Company and Alqueva Infrastructure (EDIA).

This is a volume of water stored 4.150 cubic hectometres and that is the level of the full supply quota 152 meters, one meter below the maximum full level so that the reservoir is prepared, the company needs.

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