GNR / C.T.Beja: Seizure of counterfeit goods, drugs and money.

The GNR through the Territorial Detachment (DT) of Almodovar seized at the fair in Castro Verde, next to 800 seized counterfeit goods and the DT and Odemira, stopped in Vila Nova de Milfontes an individual for drug trafficking and seized drugs and money.

The Territorial Command Beja, Regional Detachment through Almodôvar, on 20 October, seized 794 counterfeit goods, in the grounds of the annual fair in Castro Verde.

As part of a targeted operation to the supervisory fairground and the fight against counterfeit clothing, five individuals were identified, aged between 23 and 59 year old, because they are selling counterfeit items, having been seized: 468 pairs of shoes, 230 fashion accessories (handbags) and 96 Clothing parts (shirts, pants, Tracksuits, jackets and polos).

The estimated value of the seized goods amounts to 20 thousand euros, tendo sido participado ao Tribunal Judicial de Almodôvar. The operation was supported by the Beja Intervention Detachment.

However, Regional Detachment through Odemira, on 19 October, GNR arrested a man 27 year old, for drug trafficking, in St. Louis location.

During a road inspection access in that locality, a conductor, during approach, adopted suspicious behavior that led to conducting a search of the vehicle, It has been found and seized 22 doses of hashish, 82 cannabis seeds, six leaves and luminaries of cannabis and 195 euro cash.

O suspeito foi constituído arguido e sujeito a termo de identidade e residência. The action had the support of the Territorial Office of Vila Nova de Milfontes.

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